our cognacs

Audacious and innovative

At Jules Gautret, we attach great importance to quality control at every stage of our Cognac production process.

the Tradition range

VS cognac

A smooth, perfectly balanced Cognac with a lovely color,
delicate bouquet and very pleasant


A complex and rich Cognac with
a wide range of fresh, round and
woody aromas.

VSOP cognac

A perfectly balanced, subtle
and elegant Cognac.
Relatively light with a vibrant aftertaste


Authentic, rich and intense, Initial is the guarantee of a cognac whose finesse makes it a truly exceptional cognac.

10 ANS

A rich bouquet of nuts and licorice, woody aromas and fruity notes – all the flavors fuse to stimulate the senses.

the Hors d'âge range

3ème Millénaire xo cognac

Aromas with multiple facets offering outstanding length on the palate.


A round, smooth and intense taste – it only takes a few drops to trigger an explosion of flavors.


A smooth, perfectly balanced cognac with a lovely color and very pleasant flavor.


Its rich taste gives it
outstanding mellowness