Jules Gautret

10 ans


A rich bouquet of nuts and licorice,
woody aromas and fruity
notes – all the flavors fuse to stimulate
the senses.

10 ans Cognac

The tradition range

Jules Gautret “10 Ans” Cognac

Ten years old seems to be the perfect age for highlighting the magnificent range of aromas that our Cognac can offer. Aging it in oak barrels for 10 years guarantees a subtle harmony between the woody and floral flavors. The aromatic balance provides a generous, elegant Cognac that lingers on the palate with substantial depth and length.

Tasting notes

Color : Pale and shiny, amber color.

Aroma : Intense and appealing bouquet with floral, fruity notes and a hint of oak.

Taste : Balanced and round on the palate, aromas of vanilla, pear and white beaches.


Try it

in a cocktail



25 ml Jules Gautret 10 ans Cognac
25 ml red Vermouth
3 dashes Orange bitters
Garnish : expressed orange peel

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