Jules Gautret


3ème millénaire

Hors d’âge

Aromas with multiple facets offering
outstanding length on the palate.

3ème Millénaire XO Cognac

Jules Gautret 3ème Millénaire  XO Cognac

Jules Gautret 3 ème Millénaire XO cognac, or 3rd Millennium, is the result of a blend in which the well-rounded tannins – brought about by years of aging in oak barrels – are expressed and combined with the delicacy of eaux-de-vie from our terroir.

Jules Gautret 3ème Millénaire reflects the perfect mastery of the art of blending by our Cellar Maser. Thanks to the precious selection of eaux-de-vie, this cognac can express its full aromatic complexity.

Tasting notes

Color : Dark, amber color with golden highlights

Aroma : Attractive and surprising. Wide aromatic range revealing hazelnut and woody aromas, enhanced by notes of dried fruit and vanilla

Taste : Nice length on the palate thanks to candied fruit and cinnamon


Initiation to cognac

The Hors d’âge Range is not recommended for cocktails.

However, enjoying a cognac requires some special knowledge that we will gladly share with you.

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