Jules Gautret


Hors d’âge

A smooth, perfectly balanced cognac with
a lovely color and very pleasant flavor

Heritage Cognac

Jules Gautret Heritage Cognac

The eaux-de-vie blended to create Jules Gautret Héritage cognac were meticulously selected by our Cellar Master from among the oldest batches preciously stored in our Paradis cellar.

A true connoisseur’s choice, Héritage, with its distinctive mellowness, is the veritable fruit of traditional craftsmanship.

Tasting notes

Color : Intense brown and amber color with golden highlights

Aroma : A concentrated, attractive and highly elegant bouquet with fruity and woody notes

Taste : Strong, full-bodied, unctuous and vibrant on the palate with delicious rancio flavors and excellent length


Initiation to Cognac

The Hors d’âge Range is not recommended for cocktails.

However, enjoying a cognac requires some special knowledge that we will gladly share with you.

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