How to taste

initiation to cognac

Tasting a cognac is a moment that needs to be treasured.

The best way to do that is to take your time, to enjoy the full aromatic range of the cognac of your choice. For an optimal discovery of our cognacs, certain tasting stages require special attention.



To enjoy Jules Gautret cognac, we recommend serving it in a tulip glass. The slightly closed shape of the glass is designed to concentrate the aromas and make identifying them easier.

It is best when served at room temperature. Heat amplifies the heady, alcoholic character of the cognac and releases its aromas very fast.

Fill the glass with 2 to 3 cl, hold it by the stem and twirl it slightly to reveal its color, viscosity or even its brightness. 

Cognac is said to “cry” when its tears run slowly down the side of the glass. Look at its color. Jules Gautret cognacs can take on a wide range of hues depending on their aging.


The olfactory step takes place in two parts:

  1. With the first sniff, the most volatile scents are released. That is what is called the “first nose”.
  2. Then twirl the glass gently to aerate the cognac. With its flower, fruit and spice flavors, the aromatic range that Jules Gautret cognacs have to offer is endless.


To make the most of your Jules Gautret cognac, sip just a few drops, hold them in your mouth, then swish them around for a few seconds.

Let the different components of the cognac fill your senses as they reveal themselves.

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